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   30 DAYS

• Interview all team members

• Understand current status of all projects/initiatives

• Identify pain points

• Establish personal KPI’s

• Understand Current commitments 

• Review and understand budgets

• Confirm management direction

 60 DAYS

• Internal reflection on previous period

• Motivate team with my leadership style,

• What we do , what we don’t do and prioritise the list accordingly.

• Reaffirm interaction of the teams

• Rebalance work according to expertise strengths and weaknesses

• Establish regular reviews

• Establish regular technical sessions on key areas to upskill/cross skill team

   90 DAYS

• Internal reflection on previous period

• Drive ethos in team to make precise data driven decisions 

• Implement stronger  governance on progression

• Monitor and track progress towards quarterly goals

• Replace poor performing software in order to increase productivity

• Support Programs

• Find efficiencies

• Plan the next 90 days

For more of an insight into how I could add value and transform your business please feel free to reach out using the contact section.
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