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Strong Leadership


To control and oversee all business, operations, ventures and people.


- Developing and executing the company’s business strategies 

- Introducing the technology required to run a successful company

- Providing strategic advice to the board and the chairperson

- Preparing and implementing comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement

- Oversee the company’s financial performance, investments and other business ventures

- Act as the public speaker and public relations representative

Great Thought Leadership

World Class Leadership & Management.

- Leading  teams and managing companies across MENA & APAC

- Working with stakeholder management

- Driving changes in company ethos and philosophy

- Winning hearts and minds

- Reducing complexity

- Harnessing new capabilities of team members

- Easy to approach and engage

Building World Class Teams


Having the ability to build world class, diverse teams.

- Working across cultures – UK, Switzerland, Qatar, UAE, China, MENA & APAC

- Experience of working with local and federal government agencies

- Creating an environment of excellence resulting in the strengths of the team

- Leaving a legacy, ensuring that the team can continue even if I move on

- Handling cultural issues in the midst of commercial operations

- Defining development paths for the teams I lead

- Acting on feedback through internal customer surveys and key stakeholders

Personal Growth & Development

Personal growth and how this has changed my application of knowledge.

- Projects across the globe and across industries

- Evolving new ways of applying knowledge

- Understanding of technology for commercial impact

- Adaptability to new technologies – SAP Integration

- Resilient to change

- Accepting new ideas and methods – Happy to accept failure

- Taking strategies to actual delivery and conclusion


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