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Professional Profile


 Who I am :

• A leader who nurtures and empowers individuals to help the company to achieve its goals.

• Proven history of achieving performance excellence through implementation of strategic action plans, best practices, and SOPs along with the delivery of leadership, guidance, and training.

• Instrumental in creating client retention and acquisition plans based on market trends, competitors’ activities, customers’ preferences, and business vision.

• Excellent communicator and proactive team-player, building strong relations across multi-disciplinary functions and with clients, stakeholders, and C-suite executives to achieve short and long-term organisational objectives.


What my personal goals are:

• To introduce digitalisation, automation and IoT to create standardised systems across an organisation, ensuring leverage to improve the business process.

Ability to develop and implement marketing strategies based on current trends

Prowess with enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software.

• I want to grow as a leader and ensure that the organisation make the best use of future trends in innovation and technology for the benefit of the organisation. 


Why I want this role:

• I want to be the orchestrator of transformation and improvement, and to drive the company forward.

• I want to increase my responsibilities and be part of driving clear positive outcomes.

• With my skill set, knowledge and experience, I am confident that I am the person to lead the company across all aspects of the business

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